"Creating a model living environment to nurture, engage and inspire."

1.5 million Americans are living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Not one residential living model in the Northwest has been built, to meet their specific needs.

We aim to change that.

The Parkinson’s Project exists today because thousands of families have struggled to provide the complex care their loved ones require. They seek an environment that does not stifle their independence, but instead, offers hope and support as they cope with a chronic, progressive disease. They want the finest personalized care in a place that fosters a sense of comfort, security and belonging.

They are looking for something that, to date, does not exist in the Northwest, and in only a few places nationwide.

With your help, we can change that.

Helping Shirley

Our Philosophy of Care:

We will give professional, up-to-date, innovative care, partnering with other community resources and services to recognize and meet changing individual needs of each resident’s spectrum of symptoms.

We will hire caregivers with expertise in providing high quality care who have both a compassionate interest in people with PD and a passion to serve the community; who foster independence but provide support when necessary. Caregivers will have the broad responsibility to improve residents’ quality of life, including personal care, light housekeeping, and recreational support. Staff members will be encouraged to support residents’ interests in such things as gardening, music, reading or art. We will provide ongoing professional development of “Parkinson’s care best practices.”

We want to be a model for others to follow.