"Creating a model living environment to nurture, engage and inspire."


The Parkinson’s Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to transforming the way Parkinson’s care is provided by creating a model living environment that inspires life, dignity and compassion. It is led by a volunteer board of directors:

Board of Directors

Toby Erickson
Co-President, Executive Director, Juvenile Diabetes Association, Seattle Guild
Heidi Adam
Co-President, Community Volunteer
Thomas L. Berger
Founder, Berger Partnerships, Landscape Architects.
Michael Canatsey
Founder, Canatsey and Associates, Architect
Owen Roberts
Founder, Robers Wygal, Builder
Jim Marsh
President, Washington Mentors
Jenny Marsh
Entertainment Relations, Gibson Guitar
Sherry Marsh
ELL/Instructional Facilitator, Highline School District


Monica Flora
Administrator – Monica(at)ParkinsonsProject(dot)org*

*Please replace (at) in the email address with @ and the (dot) with an actual dot (e.g., “.”). It is written this way to prevent our addresses from being picked up by spammers.

Here's to Dad

History of the Parkinson’s Project

In 2002, a group of people with similar challenges in finding quality care for loved ones with Parkinson’s disease, came together to form the Puget Sound Housing Alliance for Parkinson’s Disease (PuSH for PD). They saw a great community need for a place which offered the expertise to provide high quality care for people with a complex and unpredictable illness, as well as a caring and encouraging living environment.

For the past eight years, this group of people has interviewed people living with Parkinson’s, their families, residential care providers and physicians. They have consulted architects as well as landscape and interior designers. They have raised funds toward achieving their goal.

Today, they are the Parkinson’s Project. They have a plan in place to create a vibrant, healthy, supportive place for people with Parkinson’s to live with optimism, confidence and companionship. And they are looking for people to donate and help.