"Creating a model living environment to nurture, engage and inspire."

The Project

The Parkinson’s Project will create a home-like assisted living residence that will offer specialized support and care for those with mid to late-stage Parkinson’s disease. This will be a true home, based on the following principles:

    The Home Will:

  • Be resident-centered – residents will choose what activities they wish to engage in and when.
  • Offer high quality, specialized, individualized care for people with Parkinson’s disease with the right number of staff to provide it.
  • Have visual cues, soft floors, no straight hallways with walls for people to bounce into, exercise equipment and classes and other leading-edge aids to improve people’s lives with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Provide a place for people with Parkinson’s disease to thrive – not just exist.
  • Be truly a home, not an institution. Rooms with private bathrooms, gardens, a kitchen and a fireplace in a cozy living room meant for the residents and their families…and small enough to create a real community of friends.

We anticipate ultimately building three homes for 6 to 12 residents each with its own kitchen, laundry and great room. Eventually we hope to add an adult day services center to allow for respite care for non-residents and their families as well as additional activities for the residents. Overnight respite care is another need we are exploring.

Its location will allow for easy access to medical care.

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